Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spring's Ram Lamb

Was outside taking some pictures with visitors this afternoon. Before they came I got these nice shots of #52, Spring's ram lamb. He is a large lamb and very friendly.

Here I am with this teeny tiny ewe lamb born yesterday. We are naming her Jeanette.

Updates and new lamb today

I put Sunny (gulmoget ewe) in a jug yesterday as she had moved off by herself and wanted to wait last night but alas, I went to bed. Woke up to find this good size single ewe lamb. She has gulmoget markings (large patches of dark shading) on her legs. Dam is Sunny and sire is Big Don.

Here is the tiny ewe lamb born yesterday (dam is Black Pearl and sire is Big Don). She is so small. But has the most interesting eyes. Seems to be doing well.

Chewing some hay

Here are some of the lambs checking out Harriet, one of the cats.

Some of the lambs playing around the log pile today.

More lambs having fun.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Finally another lamb

Found this little white ewe born today as I began my morning chores. She is quite tiny, but looks great. Mom is Black Pearl and sire is Big Don. She has very dark eyes, and like most of the white lambs born this year, color in her hoofs and maybe a little shading on her legs. Too soon to tell but that's my guess. I was not expecting Black Pearl to lamb now, she didn't look it but to tell you the truth, I've been watching some other ewes more closely waiting for them. So this was a surprise today. But a wonderful surprise!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Here is a picture of Dunaj (doon eye) and then one of Bella and Dunaj. Dunaj is a very large very nice looking Tatra male. He works on a sheep co-op in Lemont IL. He is a Polish import. Bella is from a 2007 litter between my two dogs, Gabi and Quincy. Hopeful for puppies in mid-June.
(I know I already posted pictures of these 2 on the first posting but trying to make it easier for some to view.)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New chickens

The Rhode Island Red’s name is Sweet Baby Ray (AKA... Cranky), the Light Brown Orphington is Chipolte (AKA....Peeps) and the yellow Washington is Terriyaki (AKA......Sunshine). The previous owner was only thinking of BarBQue sauces.

New adult additions to flock

Yesterday I picked up two adult ewes. A flock in IL is being dispersed, so I picked these 2 girls to come and live with us. The black face is Lambchop and the brown is McCoy. They've done well overnight and will be isolated for a bit, but are eating and adjusting to their new digs.

Lacey's girls

Last night Lacey did not come over for their all stock treat and stayed off to the side, so I suspected I'd wake up to find babies, and I did! Both are ewes. Sire is BluffCountry McDreamy. The white one has a brown spot on her left hip. The brown one has a TEENY little fleck of white on her forehead. Both seem to be doing great! This same mating last year produced BIG DON, who has superb horn placement. Way to go Lacey!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Success with Polish Tatra Breeding

Since our first posting, we have had successful breedings with Bella and Dunaj. I anticipate puppies to arrive some time after June 10th. Stay tuned for updates regarding the dogs.

Daisy's Lambs

We have both a ram and ewe lamb from Daisy. The ewe is white with a small brown patch on the tip of her left ear. The ram is a bersugget, with tuffs of white on the underside of his tail also. Sire is Big Don, out of BluffCountry McDreamy.

Spring's Lamb

Here's Spring with her ram lamb. He is quite the explorer and has wandered all over yet always returned to her. Of all the white lambs born so far, he is the most white, with pink nose and lighter eyes. Sire is Big Don, out of BluffCountry McDreamy.

First Lambs

Our first lambs were born at last, one ram and one ewe. The ewe has a small patch of beige coloring on the back of her head/neck. The ram has tighter, shorter fleece. Born to Cher, a black ewe from Big Don, an excellent ram out of BluffCountry McDreamy. DOB 4/9/09

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

And so I begin

After much thought I decided I'd better get with the program and start a blog, for my dog friends and for my sheep friends. It's the fastest and easiest way to do things I am told. Today is the first day of the blog.

I have been spending hours in Lemont IL breeding my female Polish Tatra Sheepdog Bella with no great success so far. She is not ready, the poor girl. Soon, I hope. Daily there are signs. And I will continue to bring her there until we achieve success!

Here are some pictures of both Bella and Dunaj (pronounced Doon Eye)