Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This little girl was born today, 4.19.11, dam Jangle who is black/white spotted but sired by an HST ram herself last year. Jangle is a larger ewe lamb of '10 and I had no clue what to expect. Well, here you go, a beautiful ewe lamb with exceptional markings, short tail, very sweet. I think her name will be JangALang. This teeny tiny ram lamb (left) was born yesterday. He is so small. His mother is tiny also. I will wether him and hopefully he'll make a great pet for someone. Not sure of his name yet. I was thinking Lilliput because of his size :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

2011 Shetland Lambs as of 4.17.11

It's been soooooo long since I last posted pictures that I've forgotten about formatting and have spent way too much time trying to get these posted. So it's the best I've got for today. I am abounding in HST marked lambs.....Head Socks & Tails. Some are only partial so, but the year's crop of lambs is outstanding. Little Shari (at the end) is by far the best yet!!
GnuHampshire Primo DOB 3.29.11 Moorit Smirslet Sokket Single Ram Lamb GnuHampshire Smooch DOB 3.31.11 Moorit Smirslet Sokket Twin Ewe Lamb
GnuHampshire SWAK DOB 3.31.11 Moorit Smirslet Twin Ewe Lamb
GnuHampshire Dexter and Davis DOB 4.2.11 Twin Ram Lambs

(above pic and below)
Dexter: Moorit Smirslet Sokket very crimpy fleece Davis: Moorit Krunet

GnuHampshire Jagger DOB 4.2.11 Moorit Krunet Single Ram Lamb

GnuHampshire Sundown DOB 4.5.11 Black Gulmoget Single Ewe Lamb

GnuHampshire Drake DOB 4.5.11 Moorit Smirslet Sokket Single Ram Lamb

(below) GnuHampshire BlackNBluett DOB 4.8.11 Black Smirslet Sokket Single Ewe Lamb

GnuHampshire Vernia DOB 4.9.11 Moorit Smirslet Sokket Single Ewe Lamb

GnuHampshire CoCoCrazy DOB 4.14.11 Moorit Krunet Single Ram Lamb
GnuHampshire Shari DOB 4.15.11 Moorit Smirslet Sokket Single Ewe Lamb

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Where Have I Been!!

It's been forever since I've posted. So much going on. We still have not sold our farm. We all know what's going on in the real estate world. But I am hopefull 2011 might prove to be the right time. In keeping with that mindset, I have a young Tatra for sale. Her name is Gita (short for Margita). She was born 7.31.09. I had kept her as she tested well for LGD, and has lived outside with sheep most of this time. But her hips are not good enough to use for my breeding program and she is now living her 'adolescent' stage and is way too playful with the sheep. I have Shetlands and she is taller than them. She is only about 85 lbs. and is very loving with people. I think she really does like people more than sheep. I've had her in the house for a few weeks at a time and she's done just fine in here with 2 other females. She is spayed and ready to go. I think she'd make an excellent all around FARM dog, but not with smaller livestock. And no chickens. She's eaten chickens. Even though she was fine when inside the house, I think she prefers to live outside 24/7. I believe she'll develop into a fine guard dog as she matures. All the commands she knows right now are sit and stay. If anyone is interested, please contact me.
As to the sheep, I have 13 ewes and 6 rams. I need to find homes for them also. I do have one person/acquaintance in WI who might be interested in the entire flock. Or I'll be placing them individually. I believe all 13 ewes are pregnant and this year I started breeding groups early, so I suspect that around the middle of March we will begin lambing. I will post pictures when we start.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Entire flock for sale

Due to unforseen circumstances and a lot of soul searching, I have decided I need to sell off my entire flock of Shetlands. This was not a choice I made quickly, easily or without due diligence. But our life is taking different turns and our farm is for sale. We just cannot keep the sheep any longer. If you have any interest in some or all of my flock, please contact me as soon as possible.

Sheep Available:
SheltrgPines Crescent Moon, HST ram
Kimberwood Hunter, HST ram
Big Don, white ram
Buck53, black sponget ram

BluffCountry PrimaDona, HST spotted ewe
BluffCountry Spring, HST spotted ewe
BluffCountry Debutante, HST spotted ewe, horned
GnuHampshire Sunny, gulmoget ewe
GnuHampshire Janalam, black sponget ewe
GnuHampshire CoCo, moorit ewe

2010 lambs:
GnuHampshire Dom, HST ram
GnuHampshire Dell, HST ewe
GnuHampshire Surely, HST ewe
GnuHampshire Jingle, brown spotted ewe
GnuHampshire Jangle, black spotted ewe
GnuHampshire Prima Vera, HST ewe
GnuHampshire Lilac, moorit ewe w/white spots on head
GnuHampshire Lavender, moorit ewe

Please contact me at gnuhampshirefarm@fvi.net for details. Discounted prices to good sheep homes. They are wonderful sheep, healthy and deserve a great place to live. Large discount for groupings.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thinkin' We're Done.....

Here is LASTLY, yes I called her Lastly....better than just Last. Ewe lamb born yesterday 5.26.10. Moorit with those white flecks on her. Cute little thing. Decided to call Spring's girl SURELY....leaves lots of possibilities for her offSPRING being called Surely -----. She is the most adorable and the HST lamb with the most white on all four feet along with a very cute tuft on her tail. SURELY she is the cutest!!