Thursday, July 29, 2010

Entire flock for sale

Due to unforseen circumstances and a lot of soul searching, I have decided I need to sell off my entire flock of Shetlands. This was not a choice I made quickly, easily or without due diligence. But our life is taking different turns and our farm is for sale. We just cannot keep the sheep any longer. If you have any interest in some or all of my flock, please contact me as soon as possible.

Sheep Available:
SheltrgPines Crescent Moon, HST ram
Kimberwood Hunter, HST ram
Big Don, white ram
Buck53, black sponget ram

BluffCountry PrimaDona, HST spotted ewe
BluffCountry Spring, HST spotted ewe
BluffCountry Debutante, HST spotted ewe, horned
GnuHampshire Sunny, gulmoget ewe
GnuHampshire Janalam, black sponget ewe
GnuHampshire CoCo, moorit ewe

2010 lambs:
GnuHampshire Dom, HST ram
GnuHampshire Dell, HST ewe
GnuHampshire Surely, HST ewe
GnuHampshire Jingle, brown spotted ewe
GnuHampshire Jangle, black spotted ewe
GnuHampshire Prima Vera, HST ewe
GnuHampshire Lilac, moorit ewe w/white spots on head
GnuHampshire Lavender, moorit ewe

Please contact me at for details. Discounted prices to good sheep homes. They are wonderful sheep, healthy and deserve a great place to live. Large discount for groupings.