Thursday, May 14, 2009

And just some general sheep pictures

Grazin' in the grass is a gas
Baby, can you dig it?

Finding a little shade
I call 'sheepy girls' and they all come running.
Straight at me picking up speed!
I love how they come for me.

Finally took some more lamb pictures

Here's some pictures taken today. The lambs are just so big, except for little Jeanette...who still has the most adorable eyes.

# 50 ewe and # 51 ram lamb

# 51 ram lamb

# 52 Spring's ram lamb, horns are barely visible

# 53 Buck 53....ram lamb
Didn't get a picture of # 54 white ewe

# 55 moorit ewe and # 56 white ewe with brown spot, twins

# 55 Cocoa

# 57 (not yet tagged) Jeanette

# 58 white ewe with gulmoget markings on legs

Friday, May 1, 2009

Polish Visitors from Minnesota

Today we had visitors to the farm. This is the 2nd year that a group of Polish friends from MN stopped by to visit the big white dogs while on their way to Chicago for the Polish Constitution Day Parade which is tomorrow. I told them about the Polish Tatra dog and their use as a livestock guarding dog. There were many photos taken of the house dogs and the other two living outside with sheep. I've established a warm relationship with this group, just wish they'd have more time to relax and enjoy a longer visit. Maybe next year!!
Click on the picture for greater detail. You can just see Gracie way to the left, in the front pasture with the rams.