Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thinkin' We're Done.....

Here is LASTLY, yes I called her Lastly....better than just Last. Ewe lamb born yesterday 5.26.10. Moorit with those white flecks on her. Cute little thing. Decided to call Spring's girl SURELY....leaves lots of possibilities for her offSPRING being called Surely -----. She is the most adorable and the HST lamb with the most white on all four feet along with a very cute tuft on her tail. SURELY she is the cutest!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday 5.22.10

Here's part of the flock, heading out back to graze. We had a lot of haze this morning, now hot and mostly sunny. I have 5 teens here helping to muck out the barn for the season (yay!!) and pull thistle weeds from the pasture.
Lambs out having fun leaping and playing on the tires and slide.
Here's Jangle and Dell before they went out to pasture.
From left to right, Prima Vera, Fritz, Dom and Dell


Last night we had to go out but I knew Spring was in labor. So we came home to find this incredible ewe lamb born. No name yet but she is gorgeous with white on all four feet, and tail too!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday 5.15.10 Brings more lambs

Had the chance to watch this guy getting born this morning at 10:30. His mother is my Gooly Girl. She looks white for all intents and purposes but she's got gulmoget markings on her legs as her mother is my gulmoget ewe, Sunny. Sire is SheltrgPines Crescent Moon. I was still surprised to see the HST pattern. The other white ewes gave white lambs, one just this morning also. Anyway, I'm calling him Gamble, and we shall see if the gamble pays off! Gooly Girl w ram lamb Gamble DOB 5.15.10
Here's Fruity (one of the above mentioned white ewes) with her ram lamb DOB 5.15.10. Haven't named him yet.
Pictures of other lambs.....but I realize I forgot to get Prima Vera....maybe I'll get time later today. Here is CoCo Crispy, ram lamb DOB 5.13.10 (GnuHampshire CoCo x SheltrgPines Crescent Moon). He's got a tiny puff of white on his forehead.
Jeorge, DOB 5.12.10. He is the cutest little guy.....looks like his mother did last year, she was my last lamb born and tiny. He's tiny too but has the same sweet face.
Black Beauty, DOB 5.8.10. Usually she runs away from me, today all lambs were pretty mellow while I was out there.
Lammy Poo Poo's Laverne (Shetland mix) DOB 5.7.10
Bop and B Bop, DOB 5.6.10 and yes, they are just incredible to watch. I'm in love with these patterns. Also Shetland mixes.
Lavender, DOB 5.4.10 sweet but shy girl
Lilac, her sister DOB 5.4.10 finally playing with the other lambs. She's moorit, not black as I first thought.
Here's Dom and Dell, DOB 5.4.10 in one of their quieter moments.
Another shot of Dom and Dell, showing their markings.
Jingle and Jangle, DOB 5.2.10. These two get into a lot of mischief, especially Jingle (brown/white).
Finally a few pictures of Samson, DOB 5.2.10. He's already taken to coming up to me and pawing at my knees.
A bit better picture altho I am not good with the camera and don't know how to manage light exposure.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Today brought forth JEORGE, ram lamb of GH Jeanette x SheltrgPines Crescent Moon. The little man is doing just fine. Lambs out on the pasture; Here's Jangle and Prima Vera



Samson, not a great shot for the color/shading but shows him well enough. We have to see how his tail looks over time.

Samson (front) with Jingle and Jangle.

Lavender (moorit) with Dom (moorit/white) and Dell (black/white).

Dom, a very spunky guy.

Twins, Dom and Dell and their different fleeces.

Bette Davis with her twins, Bop (white ewe w markings) B Bop (darker ram w markings) and Laverne, Shetland/mix.

Colorful Bop and B Bop.....they are about the cutest ones!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

More lambs

This morning brought forth another ewe lamb, I'm calling her Black Beauty as her mother is Black Pearl. Pearl struggled and struggled for a VERY long time. Gosh I hate to interfere, but she was tiring out. So we got her into the barn and my husband held her head and I could carefully help pull this girl leg inside, the other bent in an awkward position, jammed next to her head. But she's fine, up bouncing around and none the worse for wear. DOB 5.8.10.
Yesterday 5.7.10 Lammy Poo Poo had her ewe lamb, out in the field. I had gone out to call the girls into the barn in the early evening. We were going out and I put them inside the barn. I have a sick dog so had to move the one dog who's been out with the ewes into the front pen with the rams and lock the girls up at night. Without even looking, I called my 'sheepy girls' and they all came running, including Lammy Poo and her very recently born lamb. I had really thought she might twin, and went looking out in the pasture in case she just ignored the second one, but she only produced one large sweet girl. I'm calling her Laverne. DOB 5.7.10.
Here are some nice pictures of other lambs that I took this morning while waiting for Pearl to drop. This first one is Bette Davis's ewe lamb, Bop. She is so incredible with a matching pattern on her legs, eyes.
Here's both Bop and B Bop. B Bop is very handsome too, he's got a lot of darker colors on him vs. his sister and has this very cool symmetrical pattern on his chest and front legs. These two just make me smile.
Here are the three trouble makers of the bunch so far.....I'm sure that's because they are the oldest and race around, stick their noses in where they don't belong and just have fun! Prima Vera, along with Jingle (brown) and Jangle (black). Seems like they're always together.
Here's Sunny and Samson inspecting poor Pearl while she was in labor. They're all so nosey!
Finally another shot of Prima Vera alone. Yes, her tag slightly pulls down her ear but it's fine. Should be standing back up in no time.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Bette Davis had her twins yesterday, late last night. She is not a Shetland :) She's a Barbados mix, a tall girl but very sweet. She was the cutest lamb herself, I could not refuse to buy her. She was bred to Crescent Moon, the darker of my Shetland rams. Look at what she produced! The lighter lamb with brown back end is a ewe, and the darker one is a little ram. They look more like Shetlands though, than previous lambs of hers, all bred to Shetlands. I'm calling them Bop (ewe) and B Bop (ram, for Boy Bop). Decided this year all lambs (except Prima Vera cuz that was just way too cute to name her that with her mom being Prima Dona) will start their names with the first initial of their moms. BTW, Bette Davis did indeed get her name cuz she's got Bette Davis Eyes!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

How cute is she!!!

Born last night, just way too cute for me.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A good day to be born!

Lacey lambed today, tonight(ok it's past midnight by now). I was lucky enough to watch 4 lambs being born today. That makes it a good day. Both are black and the first one has markings on her head. The second one would not make herself available for a good picture. Tomorrow will bring better shots. It's late and I'm tired. (Justalit'l Lacey Grey Blettet x SheltrgPines Crescent Moon HST Moorit Smirslet) But before Lacey dropped her 2, BluffCountry Debutante had her twins! See what I mean, a good good night! Ram lamb came first, I think he'll be a fawn as he's light already. Perfect eyes, and all four feet white. Next came his sister, black and white spotted. She has more black on her face and I couldn't get a great shot of her face either but again, it's late and I'm tired.
(BluffCountry Debutante HST Shaela Smirslet x Kimberwood Hunter HST Fawn Sokket/Yuglet)
I thought I'd send along these latest, I didn't fix the red eye yet, but here's Prima Dona and her ewe lamb, Prima Vera. Sunny with her gulmoget ram lamb. He is a spitfire, out romping and racing around already.
And the spotted girls out of Janalam. Ms Brown/White is a screamer, all day long.