Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Here are a few puppy pictures, all the siblings of the '09 litter. Will try to get them all soon. But this is a start. I like how they all look and seem to be doing. This is Ania, lives in Whitefish, MT.
Here is Margita (Gita) who lives here with me. She's eaten a few chickens and been too playful for the ewes right now. This is one very sweet girl though and she's very very gentle with me.
This is Dunaj Jr., the male puppy I kept. He's living out with my rams for now. The spots are snow on the lens as I took this during a snow storm. He is also very sweet except when it comes to eating and then he is very protective of it from the rams, not with any people but only the intruding sheep.

Here is Basha, the house dog with our 3 lb. chihuahua Tiger Lily. Basha is a big lumbering puppy who likes to push Rosie around. Rosie is from the 2008 litter and is living in the house now too. She is much less assertive but both are push overs for the little rat dog :)

Finally, here is Halina (AKA Bella) who lives in Madison WI.
Such a strong similarity with their faces, body types and pigmentation. Thanks to all puppy owners for sending me updates with pictures. Maybe this week I can get some more pictures also of the dogs here. Busy time.