Wednesday, April 28, 2010

We finally have a lamb! A sweet little ewe out of BluffCountry Prima Donna and SheltrgPines Crescent Moon. Ah, it's good to be watching this take place.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Here are some pictures taken today in the barn. It's wet and damp so I kept the girls inside today. All 2010 lambs are by HST Rams, SheltrgPines Crescent Moon (Moorit Smirslet) and Kimberwood Hunter (Fawn Sokket Yuglet). Stay tuned for lamb pictures when they arrive. A few ewes are farther along than others; we may well go into late May for some!
First picture above is Sunny (gulmoget) Lacey (grey blettet) and McCoy (musket).
This picture show Spring in front (fawn/white smirslet/sokket HST) with Janalam standing by door (black sponget) Debutante by door (shaela smirslet HST) and one white ewe.
Spring (left) and Prima Donna (right-fawn/white sokket yuglet HST)
Here's the big girl Lammy Poo Poo who is obviously NOT a shetland, and Bette Davis a Barbados behind her, with some of the other ewes.
Finally, one of the ram lambs from '09, Buck 53. He is small still but quite nice and his horns look to be pretty good. He is black sponget and he's FOR SALE. $200.00