Thursday, January 14, 2010

Outside Dogs

Finally got a chance to take some pictures this morning of the dogs who live outside with the sheep. This first one is Gracie, she's 6, doesn't have good eyes or hips for breeding, but has turned into a very respectable dog and is pretty good with any of the sheep.
This is my male, Dunaj (Jr.) who lives with the rams now in the front. Moving him away from them for a few weeks worked well in that I could re-introduce rams who had previously lived here without him being so protective of that area. So first the other sheep went back in and then after some days, he went back in. Seems to have done the trick. He's a nice big boy; we'll see what the future brings for him. He's just over 7 months.

This is Margita, also 7 months old. She's in the barn with Grace and all the ewes. She's big too. She's more submissive to me than her brother Dunaj. Both of them love to be petted and touched. But they both are quite relaxed around their sheep too and I'm hoping that one or both of them turn out to be good LGDs.

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