Monday, August 3, 2009

Puppies are 8 weeks old!

Here is my big guy, Quincy, the grandfather of our litter of puppies, trying to relax on the dog room floor but Ms. Purple and Teal see to it that he doesn't get much rest. He has been extremely tolerant of the young dogs. While he can be very protective of me, especially behind fences, he's always shown great restraint and patience whenever there has been a puppy around.
Details of the litter: as of today, I am keeping 3 of the puppies. 2 are living with sheep and one will become a house dog/pet. 4 of the puppies have already moved on to their new homes and 2 more leave within the next 2 weeks. That leaves one girl left and I continue to get inquiries regarding her. We shall see where she ends up!
People are always asking if I am sad to see them go. The answer is NO! First reason is that I believe the homes where they've been placed are good ones or I would not have accepted them as new owners. But the work load with so many puppies is very large.....when I walk they are constantly underfoot and they eat like there's no tomorrow. It has been an incredible adventure but it's time they all move on. Also because I am keeping a few, the empty nest is really not. I'm already myself dealing with housebreaking issues and beginning training. It takes a lot of time.
Official Registered Names of the Puppies:
Puppy 1 Yellow girl - Margita (she's here out with sheep) will call her Gita
Puppy 2 Pink girl - Danuta (means Little Deer, she's so tiny) hope to place her in MN
Puppy 3 Blue boy - Marek (call name Emmett) family pet IL
Puppy 4 Purple girl - Tesia (she's my house dog)
Puppy 5 Teal girl - Anka (may go to NY)
Puppy 6 Green boy - Dorek (call name TBD) family pet WI
Puppy 7 Red boy - Dunaj (named for his father, out with sheep here)
Puppy 8 Rose girl - Basha (call name Arcee) family pet IL
Puppy 9 Green girl - Halina (call name TBD) family pet WI
Puppy 10 Black girl - Ania family pet in MT
Here's a big HELLO to niece Katie, who reads my blog. Great seeing you on Saturday :)

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