Monday, July 20, 2009


Today was Quincy's day to officially meet all the puppies, up close and personal. He can be a bit ferocious across the fence with strangers here at the farm, but he's always been extremely tolerant of all small animals. So he just plopped himself down out back by the tree with them and I took these pictures. Quincy was my first Tatra and will always be my big baby. Here he is with two of them right on top of him practically. They were sniffing his muzzle big time.
Ms. Teal (or Turquoise) could not get enough of him. How funny!
She just lingered the entire time and didn't stray too far from him. I think she will make someone a very nice pet, especially if they already own a dog.
This is little Ms. Teal again, snuggling up to him. Most everybody else could have cared less at this point.
So Sunday the 26th brings temperament testing. By late that night, I should know which puppies will end up with what homes and new owners. Wish us luck, it'll be a long day :)

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