Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Already

It's been forever since I've posted a thing. Been so busy. Had a great time in MN for the Polish Festival in August. Will post those pictures too but first some updates on the dogs here at GHF. This first guy is Dunaj Jr....named for his father(doon eye). I think he is quite handsome and he is turning out to be very mellow. His hair appears to be a little wavier than his sisters' here but time will tell. He is a very sweet boy. He is out with all the ewes, the chickens and the barn cats. So far, so good!
This is Gita, short for Margita. She is living with the ram lambs. She had TOO much fun one day with a chicken, so this is where she'll stay for a while. She is a bit pushy with them too but they do turn and butt her off, so let's hope that continues and she relaxes even more.
This is Tesia (Tesha) the house dog. She is very mellow, I am surprised by it. She was always a middle of the road girl but has become quite nice. Doing well with overnight sleeping and housebreaking but spends so much time outdoors during the day that we are not really doing the housebreaking routine as in the past with other dogs.
Dear Sweet Bella, the mom. Her figure is back but her coat is thin, poor girl. Yet she is happy and perky and a wonderful dog. Glad she's back to normal.
Now an exciting thing happened this past week. I got back from the mill my first ever processed fleece. I am thrilled with it, yet am not quite sure what I'll do with it all. I have to put it into 4 oz. balls for selling and hopefully I will actually do that soon. And I have some cute sheep ornaments/statues I want to make and that will be fun. I have 15 boxes like this, assorted colors. Very cool. I am determined to take a class this fall or winter to learn to spin and who knows where that will take me down the road. For now this is wonderful to see the final results of what is produced here on the farm .

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  1. These puppies are absolutely adorable. I used to have 2 Polish Tatra Sheepdogs (mother and daughter), the eldest one was Bella too , they're long gone(now I'm crying). I hope that one day I will be proud owner of another Polish Tatra sheepdog.