Friday, July 3, 2009

July 3rd

Well, we got the wooden gate barrier put in today. It's high enough so puppies can't climb up it and for now Bella has some help with old wooden spools as jumping off points. She could clear it if she didn't have her teats hanging down. As time goes on, she'll be able to....and puppies will be able to get on those spools too, but that's a bit down the road yet. She enjoyed some time today in the adjacent kennel, one that she likes. And it wasn't too hot today.

Here she is standing and you can clearly see the 2 puppies reaching up to nurse. So she needs to be able to get away from them at times. Here they all are at the gate after dinner tonight. Everyone is eating out of the bowl very well. We will be done using any of the goat's milk formula tomorrow and totally just using whole milk. Monday they will get wormed as they will be 4 weeks old. Gosh, the time has really gone by fast.
And finally, day is done. She decided to lay down and was swarmed by the continually hungry puppies. She has done a very nice job of mothering. She works hard at licking and cleaning up their faces after eating. All ten of them immerse their faces in the food bowls and are covered in wet. They they climb all over one another getting it on their backs etc. Some are sticky. And they're outside so rolling in the few dirt patches in the dog run. There actually is a fair amount of grass there but of course, they find the one or two bald spots. So be it, they are dogs!

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