Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Puppies are just fun, no question about it!

OK, so I just wanted to go out and see how the puppies were doing. They're very quiet and sleep most of the day. I let Bella out of her jail for a bit and I sat with them. They all came scurrying over to me and it's hard to resist their little faces. I can see some looking more like each other vs. another set that are different. We'll have to wait and see what time produces. But here are some more pictures. Yes, they really are this cute!

Puppies are bigger than you might think, pretty frisky today.
Doing a bit of wrestling with one another.Just moving around following my call.
Uh Oh, Mom entered the kennel. Making a mad dash for her. Everyone went back to their own thing then.
At least all 10 are in this picture.Bella cannot get far away from their wants and needs.
Yes, they are big enough to sit up and suck.
She finally resigned herself to the job at hand
and sat down. In a few days, we will put the barrier up for
her to get away from them at her discretion during the day
and keep her with them fully during the night time.


  1. Bella looks great! I'm amazed she's keeping her condition with so many babies.

  2. Those babies are about as cute as they get. Just completely adorable.

    Janet Tobias