Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4 Weeks Old, Teeth Are In and They're always Hungry

Yesterday puppies were 4 weeks old! Hard to believe how fast the weeks have gone by and all that's happened. They have teeth now, all of them. They all got wormed for the first time yesterday and nobody liked it :) And they all got their nails cut again as they grow so fast. We have now changed over entirely to regular whole milk, still with some baby rice cereal in it and last night at dinner time I switched 1/3 of the solid to pulverized puppy chow so their bodies can adjust to it slowly. Each day I will add a little more of that and soon there will be no more rice cereal only puppy food in the warm milk. Then it's on to larger pieces and less milk, changing over to eventually to no milk and only water, then reducing the water until they're eating just dry food. This all takes place within the next couple of weeks. By 7 weeks, they will be eating only dry food and taking in their own water.
Here they are sill clamoring after the last bits of milk in the bowls.
Then some begin to clean each other, it's very sweet to watch.
Got to get every bit off the face you know!
Just a little cuddling while licking faces.
One dirty wet puppy. Nothing I can do, they are dogs and just roll around in the dirt and food.
These two were sitting right at my feet, doing their grooming.
Then of course, you know what comes next, they poop.
Bella for her part, does clean up some of them but she's getting tired of that job.
And then she's off, ready to get some away time in the adjoining kennel and they fall asleep until next time. They're beginning to romp with each other, pouncing on some toys out there, drinking from the water pan, acting like growing puppies. Life is good.

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