Friday, May 7, 2010

Bette Davis had her twins yesterday, late last night. She is not a Shetland :) She's a Barbados mix, a tall girl but very sweet. She was the cutest lamb herself, I could not refuse to buy her. She was bred to Crescent Moon, the darker of my Shetland rams. Look at what she produced! The lighter lamb with brown back end is a ewe, and the darker one is a little ram. They look more like Shetlands though, than previous lambs of hers, all bred to Shetlands. I'm calling them Bop (ewe) and B Bop (ram, for Boy Bop). Decided this year all lambs (except Prima Vera cuz that was just way too cute to name her that with her mom being Prima Dona) will start their names with the first initial of their moms. BTW, Bette Davis did indeed get her name cuz she's got Bette Davis Eyes!!!

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  1. OMG! Bop looks like she's wearing pants! WAY too adorable...