Saturday, May 8, 2010

More lambs

This morning brought forth another ewe lamb, I'm calling her Black Beauty as her mother is Black Pearl. Pearl struggled and struggled for a VERY long time. Gosh I hate to interfere, but she was tiring out. So we got her into the barn and my husband held her head and I could carefully help pull this girl leg inside, the other bent in an awkward position, jammed next to her head. But she's fine, up bouncing around and none the worse for wear. DOB 5.8.10.
Yesterday 5.7.10 Lammy Poo Poo had her ewe lamb, out in the field. I had gone out to call the girls into the barn in the early evening. We were going out and I put them inside the barn. I have a sick dog so had to move the one dog who's been out with the ewes into the front pen with the rams and lock the girls up at night. Without even looking, I called my 'sheepy girls' and they all came running, including Lammy Poo and her very recently born lamb. I had really thought she might twin, and went looking out in the pasture in case she just ignored the second one, but she only produced one large sweet girl. I'm calling her Laverne. DOB 5.7.10.
Here are some nice pictures of other lambs that I took this morning while waiting for Pearl to drop. This first one is Bette Davis's ewe lamb, Bop. She is so incredible with a matching pattern on her legs, eyes.
Here's both Bop and B Bop. B Bop is very handsome too, he's got a lot of darker colors on him vs. his sister and has this very cool symmetrical pattern on his chest and front legs. These two just make me smile.
Here are the three trouble makers of the bunch so far.....I'm sure that's because they are the oldest and race around, stick their noses in where they don't belong and just have fun! Prima Vera, along with Jingle (brown) and Jangle (black). Seems like they're always together.
Here's Sunny and Samson inspecting poor Pearl while she was in labor. They're all so nosey!
Finally another shot of Prima Vera alone. Yes, her tag slightly pulls down her ear but it's fine. Should be standing back up in no time.

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  1. Bop and B Bop are THE most colorful lambs I've ever seen! I'm thinking that you said they're Shetland crosses ~ is that correct? They sure are flashy! Tri-color sheep! Calicos!!!