Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A good day to be born!

Lacey lambed today, tonight(ok it's past midnight by now). I was lucky enough to watch 4 lambs being born today. That makes it a good day. Both are black and the first one has markings on her head. The second one would not make herself available for a good picture. Tomorrow will bring better shots. It's late and I'm tired. (Justalit'l Lacey Grey Blettet x SheltrgPines Crescent Moon HST Moorit Smirslet) But before Lacey dropped her 2, BluffCountry Debutante had her twins! See what I mean, a good good night! Ram lamb came first, I think he'll be a fawn as he's light already. Perfect eyes, and all four feet white. Next came his sister, black and white spotted. She has more black on her face and I couldn't get a great shot of her face either but again, it's late and I'm tired.
(BluffCountry Debutante HST Shaela Smirslet x Kimberwood Hunter HST Fawn Sokket/Yuglet)
I thought I'd send along these latest too....no, I didn't fix the red eye yet, but here's Prima Dona and her ewe lamb, Prima Vera. Sunny with her gulmoget ram lamb. He is a spitfire, out romping and racing around already.
And the spotted girls out of Janalam. Ms Brown/White is a screamer, all day long.

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