Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Today brought forth JEORGE, ram lamb of GH Jeanette x SheltrgPines Crescent Moon. The little man is doing just fine. Lambs out on the pasture; Here's Jangle and Prima Vera



Samson, not a great shot for the color/shading but shows him well enough. We have to see how his tail looks over time.

Samson (front) with Jingle and Jangle.

Lavender (moorit) with Dom (moorit/white) and Dell (black/white).

Dom, a very spunky guy.

Twins, Dom and Dell and their different fleeces.

Bette Davis with her twins, Bop (white ewe w markings) B Bop (darker ram w markings) and Laverne, Shetland/mix.

Colorful Bop and B Bop.....they are about the cutest ones!

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