Sunday, May 2, 2010

More lambs today

Twin ewe lambs DOB 5.2.10 (Kimberwood Hunter- HST Fawn Sokket/Yuglet x GnuHamsphire Janalam black sponget) . This is the first time I've had to assist at all with lambing, ever; both big girls and the first one was simply stuck in place with her head and one leg sticking out.....forever. A few gentle twists even though I was reluctant to interfere, and she finally slid out. She's the black and white lamb, more spots, smaller eye patches. Her sister, brown and white, came shooting out within a minute. Both are the bounciest, leapingest (is that a word?) lambs, up on their feet and springing all over the place. Just adorable.

Gulmoget ram lamb DOB 5.2.10 (SheltrgPines Crescent Moon HST Moorit Smirslet x GnuHampshire Sunny Gulmoget) He's a spunky little character :) Already roaming away from his jug and giving his mother grief. He also has a teeny blaze of white on his forehead.

Hopefully I can get some good outside pictures tomorrow. I'm just glad everyone is fine!

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