Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday 5.15.10 Brings more lambs

Had the chance to watch this guy getting born this morning at 10:30. His mother is my Gooly Girl. She looks white for all intents and purposes but she's got gulmoget markings on her legs as her mother is my gulmoget ewe, Sunny. Sire is SheltrgPines Crescent Moon. I was still surprised to see the HST pattern. The other white ewes gave white lambs, one just this morning also. Anyway, I'm calling him Gamble, and we shall see if the gamble pays off! Gooly Girl w ram lamb Gamble DOB 5.15.10
Here's Fruity (one of the above mentioned white ewes) with her ram lamb DOB 5.15.10. Haven't named him yet.
Pictures of other lambs.....but I realize I forgot to get Prima Vera....maybe I'll get time later today. Here is CoCo Crispy, ram lamb DOB 5.13.10 (GnuHampshire CoCo x SheltrgPines Crescent Moon). He's got a tiny puff of white on his forehead.
Jeorge, DOB 5.12.10. He is the cutest little guy.....looks like his mother did last year, she was my last lamb born and tiny. He's tiny too but has the same sweet face.
Black Beauty, DOB 5.8.10. Usually she runs away from me, today all lambs were pretty mellow while I was out there.
Lammy Poo Poo's Laverne (Shetland mix) DOB 5.7.10
Bop and B Bop, DOB 5.6.10 and yes, they are just incredible to watch. I'm in love with these patterns. Also Shetland mixes.
Lavender, DOB 5.4.10 sweet but shy girl
Lilac, her sister DOB 5.4.10 finally playing with the other lambs. She's moorit, not black as I first thought.
Here's Dom and Dell, DOB 5.4.10 in one of their quieter moments.
Another shot of Dom and Dell, showing their markings.
Jingle and Jangle, DOB 5.2.10. These two get into a lot of mischief, especially Jingle (brown/white).
Finally a few pictures of Samson, DOB 5.2.10. He's already taken to coming up to me and pawing at my knees.
A bit better picture altho I am not good with the camera and don't know how to manage light exposure.


  1. WOW! You've GOT to be happy with your lambs this year. What an awesome group!

  2. mmm.. yummy.. lamb chops on the BBQ.. maybe some cutlets.. love lamb. love lamb so much. love it even more when they're on my plate with a knife a fork cooked to perfection. lamb sausages are always good too in some buns with some tomato sauce and onions.