Thursday, June 18, 2009

Being weighed

So here's how we start the day. They are getting 2 small supplemental feedings per day. Bella is doing her part but we just want steady gains. All puppies HATED the powdered formula so I switched back to the goat's milk pre-made and had a hard time finding enough of it. I first weigh all puppies each morning and then one by one they get their little bit out of bottles. 9 out of 10 puppies have reached the 2 lb. mark this morning. The last one is close behind. My beautiful scale came with a nice matching bowl but they have outgrown that one. So I move up to another size and pretty soon, I'll have to change that too.Number 1 puppy really did not pop her head up too much but scrambled around the bowl. Ms. 2 was moving a bit and I had to snap this photo quickly. I am not the best photographer. But these were all taken with my iphone.

Well, he was moving around and this slightly blurred picture is the best I could get for Mr. 3.
Ms. 4 posed beautifully for me this morning. One of the rare moments.
Number 5 was quiet enough, at least for this picture, then she started moving all over. I was lucky to get this one shot. Number 6 was pretty good for me and I've taken a liking to him. Hmmmmm, will this be the male I keep? Don't know yet. So Mr. 7 was nice enough to hold still while he felt the need to get out of the bowlWell, number 8 was quiet enough that I could get this decent shot of her.Here's 9, she was more interested in climbing out than being weighed. I have to hold the bowl or they tip it and fly out. OK, well 10 was climbing out of the bowl. She is a large girl and by the time I get to 10, there's the smell of formula in the air, and she's looking for it. And, here they are after being fed (supplemented a bit by me) and put back with mom. They still attack her as if they are starving. Pushing and shoving, it's the strongest first and all others, move over!

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