Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday night whew!

So as you can imagine it's busy here trying to watch and observe these 10 puppies. All seem fine, all have gained weight. 3 are now over 2 lbs. Amazing. They are not gaining by leaps and bounds but steadily. Here is a photo of them in the box while I'm changing the bedding in the whelping box. They are now big enough to really fill it up, except I kept spreading them out and they kept piling on top of one another. There's just so many!! I will have to find another bin to hold them while I clean every day. Many now have little slits for eyes as they are beginning to open. For the most part, they're not terribly loud, except when I move them when they are so comfortable in their sibling pile up. And their pigmentation is coming in on all the muzzles and some with the pads of their feet. Fascinating to watch. OK, it's late enough and I'm tired from working outside today and keeping track of all the dogs, sheep and chickens. Oh yeah, my husband too. I hear the dryer buzzer sounding...time to go.


  1. Donna when I first saw the photo I thought they were a pile of skeins of yarn, lol!
    They are so unbelievably adorable I can't even put it into words! :)

  2. Different mind sets :) How funny is that. Nope, they are yelping twitching little balls of fur always hungry. But you're right, they are absolutely adorable. Pretty soon they will fit into the smallest collars and I have 12 different colors, so color coding and numbers written on these will changes to their OWN special identities. It's amazing to see their personalities developing, as some are very stubborn and pushy already and some are very laid back. But all so cute. I am keeping one male and one female for possible future breeding so every day I observe and think about this. The male will be in the house and the female will be out with the sheep. So cool.