Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Well this has been quite the day! Here they are again, all snuggled together and looking pretty content. 2 Red collars and 1 Green collar are the boys. All the rest of those are GIRLS!!
Here's my Bella Busta looking all back to normal (well except for all those large hanging pink teats now) but her slim outline is nice to see. Almost didn't recognize her there for a few weeks.

And back at the milk bar.....

It's now time for the human to take a nap! Maybe tomorrow I can get some closeups of each puppy. Until then.......


  1. Look at all those nice, round bellies!

    TEN babies.

    Can you imagine???


  2. They are doing very well and I'm really proud of Bella, she seems to be taking this motherhood thing in stride but with grace and her sweet personality shining through. Sometimes they're so loud all at once that I can hear them clear across the house. My other bitch in the house is very reactive to the sound. She's in another section as the dog room is off limits to all the other dogs now but I'm sure it's awakening her motherly instincts too. I have to watch and see that they gain weight. If not, it's on to goat's milk formula supplement feedings which will really take up a lot of time. But we'll do whatever's necessary to help out. Puppies are a blast!

  3. What a site! Keep those pictures coming, Donna!

    It's great to hear the whole family is doing well! I wish I lived closer so that I could help out. :)