Tuesday, June 30, 2009

They Made It Through The Night

Well, we survived the night! Actually it was a great day to put the puppies out yesterday. Not too hot and it never rained as promised. Very cloudy but a good day. They hung out under the tarp for most of their time out there and I did have to place them inside the pig hut at night, but apparently they stayed put as I found them all inside it and cozy warm this morning. As you can see, we have great success now with the large pan and eating formula/milk. Adding a bit of regular milk and will gradually change over. Also visible here are their new collars/colors. The details:
# 1 is now yellow, female
# 2 is now pink, female
# 3 is now blue, male
# 4 is now purple, female
# 5 is now turquoise, female
# 6 is now dark green, male
# 7 is now red, male
# 8 is now rose, female
# 9 is now light green, female
# 10 is now black, female
So for the full day they've been outside and free to move about, I can see that # 9, the light green girl is one of the first to always come over by me. Climbs up on my leg already, very social. Purple girl #4 is a close second here. All the others are much less inclined altho I suspect that will change drastically as they become familiar with the pan of food. I use a spoon to clang on it, sort of like Pavlov's bell, and a few are beginning to respond already. Give it another day or so and they'll all be running when I approach. I am grateful for such a good night!


  1. You are such an awesome midwife/puppy nanny!! I'm learning a lot from you.

    They are getting WAY too adorable...