Thursday, June 25, 2009

Father's Day picture

Been very busy here. Puppies all went for a 2 week wellness check on Tuesday morning. Put them into 2 rubbermaid bins and trucked them off. Everyone has gained weight nicely, we have no heart murmurs, no umbilical hernias, no problems with anything. It's just incredible! Back home to oppressive heat and so we're running the AC, which we rarely do. However, these guys do not need to get overheated at their age. Bella is feeding them as best she can but they all get supplements twice a day still. I'm changing their collars often as they grow. We now begin to introduce formula in a saucer. Nobody much wanted that this morning, and I had a mess all over me, tipped saucer many times, puppies turning up their noses at this strange new way to eat etc. But we'll keep offering it to them and soon they'll get the hang of it. Puppy # 10 was the only one who sort of took to it, but she's the largest and almost expected. Here is a picture taken on Father's Day. Had the party here and 10 people decided to hold puppies and get this snapshot. Very cute. Oh yeah, puppies are now peeing big time without stimulation from mom. So we are changing bedding often as 10 puppies making 10 puddles many times during the day just makes for a smelly mess. Soon they'll go outside 24/7 and that's a GOOD THING :)