Saturday, June 13, 2009

Individual Puppy Pictures 6.11.l09

Took these photos of individual puppies on Thursday 6/11/09 but did not have time to post them until this morning. Friends Ginny and Kel came by and he's a good photographer and snapped the shots while we held them. The puppies were squirming around so these are the best shots we could get. All have been gaining weight steadily and that's awesome considering the size of this litter. I've had to change their color coded collars a few times to account for the growth factor. Tomorrow I had better cut their little nails because they are sharp and we don't want them scratching Mom Bella as they nurse. Enjoy the pictures! Please disregard the owner's double chin in pictures :)


  1. OMG ~ they are TOO cute! It's going to be SO much fun watching them grow....

  2. This has really been fun so far. Not that all litters aren't fun but this is the first bitch that I bred that now is having a litter. So it's coming full circle. I do supplement every day now and they're doing ok with a bottle. They get a little anxious as they try to take it so fast and they have to relax.