Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday pictures

Here are four of them piling on top of one another. Eyes are open and they're moving around very fast within the confines of their whelping box. Next week (around the 23-25) they will move to living outside 24/7 with Bella. I have 2 huge kennels with shelter and one will be for puppies and Bella can get some relief by moving over into the adjacent kennel whenever she wants. Probably won't post now for a few days as we're very busy here this weekend. Hi to Kathe and Lisa who visited from MN yesterday. You were wonderful houseguests and we can't wait go come visit you this August! Just a quick shot this morning before I'm off to bake and clean etc. Hosting Father's Day lunch here tomorrow. All ten are over 2 lbs. Doing fine. Will do a wellness check on Tuesday morning. Don't expect to hear anything except that they're all great!


  1. I'm gonna miss seeing the puppies!!


  2. The puppies are adorable. Thanks for letting us feed them. Hope to see you in August.