Monday, June 29, 2009


Oh my, I bit the bullet and moved them all outside today. All they do is pee, pee, pee and so it's time. The fresh air will do them good and they're old enough to handle the weather, be it cool or hot. I put up a 12x16 tarp (hopefully it won't blow away) over the back end of the kennel they're in. It's secured in a number of spots with a slant for drainage and let's hope it works. Never did that before. But it's gonna be hot outside and there are so many, they need a place of shade where there is good air flow, not just the pig hut. And....this will also hopefully block the view from any hungry hawks. No, I'm not kidding, that's a reality. I'll leave Bella with them for a week then I will put up a wooden barrier by the adjoining kennel so she can hop in and out at her convenience but lock her with them at night. So keep your fingers crossed for a good week.
Bella was good as always tending to their needs. I first moved them out this morning (using the 2 bins to carry five in each) for about 15 minutes out in grass and sun. So little miss light green on the left seemed the most adventuresome today. Very interesting!Later I made the choice to go for it, bought the tarp and set up house. Here they are inside the pig hut, yiping, squirming around. Bella was beginning to dig a spot in the pig hut.Gabi and Rosie look on, I'm sure wondering who the heck are all these guys making all this noise?Here's the crew chillin' out in the shade. No they didn't crawl out there themselves, I moved the babies to be near their mom. One dish of water for them for now, and one of them even stuck her face in and licked some. Yahoo!! Will try formula (again) later this afternoon.


  1. Oh, my LORD! Look how big they're getting! I'm sure they'll love being outside.

    Bella is SO beautiful! What a wonderful mom she is. You must be so proud of her...

  2. They do seem to enjoy being outside and I'm sure all the fresh air is good for them. They are getting huge and now that they're taking food out of the pan, they will grow by leaps and bounds. I do have a few girls available....sure would make a good guardian for your flock :)